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George Joe

Gran Turismo 5: a good game or not?


Taking into account that I am talking about a racer that isn’t a part of NFS category, the game hasn’t a background story. Moreover, this game is more like a simulator, not an arcade racer, so for those who want to play it and to run all the cars the way they want, it is not what they want. GT series was introduced on the market since the first title as a more realistic simulator.

From the moment you place the disk in PS3, it greets you with the familiar install screen. Friendly advice – don’t bother to install it – it is not worthy. With the game installed or not, GT5 suffers from the same problem as Mod Nation Racers, rude load times. Both between races and in-game, car models uploading presentation is quite difficult. Besides that, the menu can be for some, quite difficult to navigate. - check out all news. Skipping these issues, the game offers an unique experience when it comes to content. You can do in this game almost everything you can imagine with a car. From participation in standard races, to drift races, draft or trial time, all are present in the game to the delight of the veterans of the series. They will also find the “Driver License Mode” so familiar in previous games, but also the authenticity when it comes the behavior of cars. As a racer player you will have an extremely wide range of vehicles from which to choose - see best approach.

You can choose your gaming modes, but the most you will drive is in A-Spec Mode. It is the primary source of cars and credits in the game, being also the one that will unlock new vehicles for the test. You start with standard cars, these being simple and pretty PS2, I may say. The graphic is pretty poor, and the general aspect is rather rugged and unworthy of a HD consoles generation.

Yet there is sunshine somewhere, at least I tend to think. If standard models look deplorable, premium models are in fact three-dimensional jewels. They not only look like real ones, but they behave like the real ones.

The game is based, as in the past, on a level up system. As you finish more and more Events, you get experience and credit experience that once accumulated enough, leads you to the next level.

One of the most interesting modes in the game is called GT Special Event, where the player is invited to drive a cart, a NASCAR CAR, to attend the rally, even more in these special events was included the track test of the Top Gear, so you will have another type of fun and experience in this game - always enjoy the game.

Overall, GT5 is a good game to play even though it has some problems, but the producers of the series have managed to deliver us a pretty good game.